Mechanical Design for New Build and Plumbing System Restoration

The mechanical plumbing design of a plumbing system is critical to a system’s longevity. A poorly designed system can mean the difference between continual long-term plumbing system leaks, pinholes, line pollution and other system problems, versus an easy to maintain system.

Our mechanical plumbing design is not solely limited to new builds. Many of our clients restore existing structures and find it cheaper to redesign the plumbing system rather than to use the existing system. We have also designed systems that retrofit to older pipe and plumbing designs. We can design a full plumbing system, or solely the gas lines, sewer lines or water line systems. TDT Plumbing is here to provide you with a design that meets your building needs.

In restoration projects, we use our pipe forensics to map out pipe locations if no blue prints exist. We then use CAD working drawings to determine the best possible design for maximizing plumbing efficiency.

Our process includes reviewing all input documents including applicable code list; site utility plan; elevation of building and section indication of floor-to-floor height and plenum height; the available maximum and minimum water pressure at a given elevation, at static and residual conditions; and minimum pressure required at fixture and available gas pressure.

Based upon the required input information, TDT plumbing will determine and estimate the requirements for the domestic water system, waste water system, storm water system, sanitary system, and gas system, as requested.

The end result is our clients receive a CAD working drawing showing details of all systems, plumbing accessories and connection to associated fixtures. Once final approval is received the client will posses a drawing showing all details required for execution of site work.

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